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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How do I get a FREE Enhanced listing?
A: After you have signed up, just send us an email with the link to the page on your web site that has a link to us. We will verify your link then enable your account. For more instructions, click here: How to Link to Us!

Q: Do I have to offer a discount?
A: YES! Discounts are what attract production companies to our web site.

Q: Do you list crew members?
A: Yes and No. Crew members that charge union wages cannot offer a discount on their rate. However, if you offer other services that can be discounted -- like equipment rental -- then YES, we would love to have you on our list.

Q: How is my listing displayed?
A: We offer a searchable directory. You can find your listing by checking the various categories that you have selected. And, you can type in one or more keywords and search for it.

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