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Company: In-Sync Publications
Discount: 3-Months Free Trial
Contact: Robert Christy
Telephone: (310) 543-9045
Fax: (310) 543-9035
Website: http://www.insyncpubs.com
Address: 800 Knob Hill Ave, Redondo Beach, CA  90277
Company: www.sabiforum.com
Discount: Free membership
Contact: Sabi Forum
Telephone: (310) 795-3435
Fax: (310) 795-3453
Website: http://www.sabiforum.com (not active)
Address: 1201 West 5th Street, Suite F350, Los Angeles, CA  90017
Company: Below the Line news
Discount: Free to all crew-call for vendor locations
Contact: Daniel Graham
Telephone: (818) 888-5946
Fax: (818) 884-1812
Website: http://www.btlnews.com
Address: 6500 Hatillo Avenue, Woodland Hills, CA  91367
Company: Sabi Forum
Discount: Free Registration
Contact: Sabi Forum
Telephone: (310) 795-5357
Website: http://www.sabiforum.com (not active)
Company: Shoot Latin America
Discount: FREE service for Cheat Sheet Subscribers
Contact: Karen Watts
Telephone: (949) 888-5013
Address: , So. Orange County, CA
Discount: 20%
Contact: Elisha
Telephone: (213) 804-2511
Fax: (323) 257-0636
Address: P.O. Box 292267, Los Angeles, CA  90029
Company: Hollywood Scriptwriter Magazine
Discount: 20% discount for Cheat Sheet Subscribers
Contact: Angela Cranon
Telephone: (310) 283-1630
Fax: (562) 926-2060
Website: http://www.hollywoodscriptwriter.com (not active)
Address: PO Box 11163, Carson, CA  90749
Company: www.laforfreealmost.com
Discount: 20% discount off of the must have book
Contact: Susan Johnston Casting div of Select Services Films, Inc.
Telephone: 323-969-4800
Address: PO Box 481254, Los Angeles, CA  90048
Discount: 20% discount for Cheat Sheet Subscribers
Contact: Liane Schirmer
Telephone: (323) 697-8130
Fax: (310) 446-3022
Website: http://www.iowtrans.com (not active)
Address: 818 N. Doheny Dr. #407, Los Angeles, CA  90069
Company: Dublite Productions
Discount: 20% discount for Cheat Sheet Subscribers
Contact: Jake Kosten
Telephone: (616) 446-6679
Address: , Chicago, IL  60610
Company: Back To One, The Movie Extras Guidebook
Discount: 20% discount for Cheat Sheet Subscribers
Contact: Cullen Chambers
Telephone: (818) 558-1196
Website: http://www.workasamovieextra.com
Address: P.O. Box 753, Hollywood, CA  90078
Company: 5 Stars Film Productions
Discount: 15% discount for Cheat Sheet Subscribers
Contact: A.J Jaffrey Tremasi
Telephone: (310) 200-3498
Fax: (310) 515-6746
Website: http://www.5starsfilmproductions.com (not active)
Address: 1142 Marine Ave #1, Gardena, CA  90247
Company: Focal Press
Discount: 15% Enter Offer Code - 85236
Contact: Becky Pease
Telephone: 800-545-2522
Address: www.focalpress.com, 30 Corporate Drive, Burlington, MA  01803
Company: DJTalMedia - High Speed Divas Magazine
Discount: 10% discount for Cheat Sheet Subscribers
Contact: DJ Foothill
Telephone: (949) 973-6120
Website: http://www.djtalmedia.com (not active)
Address: , Temecula, CA
Company: captioningstar
Discount: 5% discount for Cheat Sheet Subscribers
Contact: John
Telephone: 714-684-8123
Website: http://www.captioningstar.com
Address: Peterson, Brooklyn,, NY  11222
Company: Damonza.com
Discount: prefer not to say
Contact: Damonza.com
Telephone: (646) 568-5551
Website: http://damonza.com
Company: Big 10 Industries
Discount: Half Price Set Up Charges
Contact: Dan Levine
Telephone: (310) 280-1610
Fax: (310) 280-1611
Address: 6006 Washington Blvd., Culver City, CA  90232
Company: Film Casting Web Site
Discount: already discounted
Contact: Dan Twyman
Telephone: (310) 328-5405
Website: http://www.artistwebsite.com
Address: P.O. Box 1168, Studio City, CA  91604
Discount: 15%
Contact: Richard Mitchell
Telephone: (323) 228-3961
Website: http://www.blackhorsemedia.com (not active)
Address: 1701 S La Cienega, Los Angeles, CA  90035
Company: Designing Letters
Discount: 20% discount for Cheat Sheet Subscribers
Contact: DeAnn Singh
Telephone: (310) 398-3506
Fax: (310) 398-3506
Website: http://designingletters.com
Address: 4032 Marcasel Ave, Los Angeles, CA  90066
Company: www.margaretmouse.com publishing co
Discount: 20% discount for Cheat Sheet Subscribers
Contact: Pat Arnold
Telephone: (661) 943-0275
Fax: (661) 943-0275
Address: 41953 20th St W, Palmdale, CA  93551